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  • This server will be shut down in Q4 2018.
  • Please use the new «Software Download Center» (access via Mitel MiAccess).
    • The software for MiVoice Office 400 as of Release 4.0 is already available on the new server.
    • Software for older products will be added until Q4.
Wichtige Information:
  • Dieser Server wird in Q4 2018 abgeschaltet.
  • Bitte benutzen Sie das neue «Software Download Center» (Zugang via Mitel MiAccess)
    • Die Software für MiVoice Office 400 ab Release 4.0 ist bereits auf dem neuen Server verfügbar.
    • Software für ältere Produkte wird bis Q4 hinzugefügt.
Informations importantes:
  • Ce serveur va fermer au quatrième trimestre 2018.
  • Veuillez utiliser le nouveau «Software Download Center» (accès par Mitel MiAccess).
    • Les versions MiVoice Office 400 R4.0 ou plus récentes sont disponibles sur le nouveau serveur dès maintenant.
    • Les versions plus anciennes seront ajoutées prochainement.

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Download Server:

The download server is providing software for download:

  • Communication platforms
  • System Phones & Terminals
  • Unified Communication & Multimedia Applications
  • Planning Tools
  • System Management Tools

The selection depends on access level.


Software selection

  • Select the product from the dropdown list
    • SW Products include software for one product only

    • SW Packages include several products. Packages are marked with * on the SW Selection page.


  • Release Notes
    Can be opened as a pdf document and read before the software is downloaded.





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